Artist Statement


The process of making art is mysterious. Whether I paint on paper, canvas or on the touch screen of an iPad, carve in stone or throw clay on a potter’s wheel, art is always a work of inspiration and improvisation. The first thing I have to do is get out of my own way. I sit quietly,  pick up my materials, take a breath, let go and see where the moment takes me. I am always surprised and often amazed.

A blinding spark flashed
within the concealed of the concealed
From the mystery of the infinite
a cluster of vapor in formlessness….
Under the impact of breaking through,
one high and hidden point shone.
Beyond the point nothing is known.
So it is called “Beginning.”



Nina Lipkowitz was born and spent most of her adult life in New York City, where she received a degree in art history. She later studied almost everything offered at the Art Students League.


She has been a sculptor, a potter, a painter, a guide and educator at the American Museum of Natural History and a yoga teacher. Today, living in Great Barrington, MA, she has truly found her voice.

Lipkowitz is a founding member of the artist-owned 510 Warren Street Gallery in Hudson, NY a member of the Guild of Berkshire Artists, and a lifetime member of the Art Students League of New York. She has shown her work in both group and one-woman shows throughout the United States. Her work can be found in private collections throughout North America and Europe. Please contact the artist at for more information.