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Garden Gone Wild, exquisite watercolors.

510 Warren St Gallery

Opening, November 7 from 3-6p

Gallery on any November

Fri & Sat from 12-6 or Sun from 12-5


About the show:

Nina Lipkowitz will be the featured artist at 510 Warren Street Gallery, in Hudson, NY,  for the month of November.  The show is called "Garden Gone Wild" but it could easily be called “ Flowers Gone Wild” or "Colors Gone Wild" or "Lines Gone Wild" but it’s more than any of those and it’s all of those-


In Japanese terms this show is “Iki”. “The tasteful manifestation of sensuality". Iki comes from a root that means pure and unadulterated. However, it also carries a connotation of having an appetite for life…

Nina Lipkowitz has an appetite for life and it shows in all of her art (painting, pottery, sculpture, iPad paintings &  prints, gardening). 


Don’t miss this show. Pen, ink and watercolor paintings. Some flowers carefully arranged, some in common containers or in vases handmade and painted by the artist, some explode directly onto the paper; all pure and unadulterated, painted with an appetite for life.


Each flower in this show represents just one or two days of spring and summer. Jonquils and daffodils followed by tulips in riotous shapes and colors; bleeding hearts, allium, peonies, poppies and lilies. Each a poignant reminder of the fragility and the beauty of life, each a visual reminder of how precious yet precarious life is.



Stop by 510 Warren St Gallery in Hudson for the opening on November 7 from 3-6 with live guitar music by the incomparable Sam Rosen. Gallery on any November Fri & Sat from 12-6 or Sun from 12-5.

Artist Statement ~ Garden Gone Wild ~ 10.17.15

I never meant to be a painter. It just happened. I learned about form and color during my years as a sculptor and potter. I carved marble and alabaster, created clay vessels; learned what makes colors sing and drew and drew and drew, slowly learning how lines twist and turn and dance across paper turning into forms, becoming sacred spaces containing endless puddles of color.
Whether in paint, on paper, or finger painting on an iPad, my work is always the same; an exploration of line and color, pattern and light density and transparency. I don’t have any preconceived idea of where the painting is going or what it will look like when it’s finished.
I am interested in the magical act of creation. A blank piece of paper can be terrifying. Where to begin? Take a breath. Place one mark and then another and another, each building upon the next. Finish the ink drawing then begin the painting. One brush stroke of liquid, translucent color upon another. Layer after layer the painting begins to appear. First it’s not there, then it is. There is no intellectual way to explain it. It’s all in the breath and all a part of me and my universe.
My latest show, Garden Gone Wild is a series of watercolor, pen & ink paintings capturing the essence of my flowers in nature. Some are contained in vessels. Some of the vessels are of my own creation like the “Chicken Vase Bouquet”. Some have exploded out of their containers directly onto the paper, in the end becoming almost abstract.

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