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"All That Jazz" iPaint on My iPad
About the show:

June 2- June 25
Opening Reception
Saturday, June 3, 3-6pm

510 Warren St. Gallery
510 Warren Street

Hudson, NY ​

Gallery Hours:

Friday & Saturday, 12pm-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Nina Lipkowitz’s latest show: “All That Jazz”; iPaint on My iPad, Meditations in Light & Color; hand enhanced, created in light and printed in pigment as limited edition prints on fine art paper and canvas. Each piece is a meditation, a work of jazz-like improvisation. The viewer may feel themselves transported into the sounds, traveling with the artist in swirls of water with visions of deep outer-space, all born out of Lipkowitz’s personal, unconscious and creative world. 

“I never meant to be a painter. It just happened. I learned about form and color during my years as a sculptor and potter. I carved marble and alabaster, created clay vessels, learned what makes colors sing, and drew and drew and drew, slowly learning how lines twist and turn and dance across paper, turning into forms, becoming sacred spaces containing endless puddles of color.”


Nina Lipkowitz

A blinding spark flashed

within the concealed of the concealed

From the mystery of the infinite

a cluster of vapor in formlessness….

Under the impact of breaking through,

one high and hidden point shone.

Beyond the point nothing is known.

So it is called “Beginning.” 


All That Jazz Show Promo
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