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Other Worlds
Multi-Medium, Stoneware, Collages and Paintings

Peripatetic? Yes, I thrive on change. I travel both metaphorically and physically- from material to material- first stone, then clay, then paint and now I return to clay. I am a restless explorer. After 35 years, much to my surprise, I find myself hand-building hollow forms. Some are tiny, some large, many have small balls of fired clay inside which rattle and jingle with mysterious sounds.


They have been described as: Cosmic Gems, Forming Worlds, Enduring Mystery, Potent Portals, Hatching, Metamorphoses, Powerful Potential Healing, Clearing, Unfolding, and Enveloping.


They are kinetic, abstract, clay collages, formed, textured, glazed, and fired in a variety of kilns, and finally polychromed. The mystery begins in the clay and continues in the kiln and is finalized with touches of paint and sometimes bits of gold. This body of work combines it all; form, surface, line, and color reminiscent of the multi-medium work on paper and canvas being exhibited alongside them.


The first thing I have to do is get out of my own way, sit quietly, pick up my materials, take a breath, let go and see where the moment takes me. I am always surprised and often amazed. The process of making art is mysterious. It begins with bursts of inspiration fed by endless questions.

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Friday, March 1 - Sunday, March 31
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2, 2-6 pm

510 Warren Street Gallery
510 Warren St., Hudson, NY 12534
Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday 12-6, Sunday 12-5
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