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Flowering Raspberry
Trio of Poppies
Poppy (Flamenco Dancer)
Raku Tulips
Raku Poppies
Peppermint Peony with Gold Leaf
Jonquils & Daffodils
Blue Glass Vase
Parrot Tulips
Giant Pansies
Cow Eye
Rooster Eye
Here's Lookin at You
Four Roosters and Twelve Eggs
Sweet Hen
Red Rooster
Hen with Attitude
Gorgeous George 15 x 20
Broken Feather
Backward Glance
Handsome Guy

Original Watercolors


Click on any image to make it appear in a new window and view details. Some of the watercolors shown in this gallery have been sold and are marked as sold in the description. Paintings not marked may be available for sale. For more information about viewing and pricing on available pieces, please contact



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